International Certified Psychic Medium & Animal Communicator Master Reiki/Energy Healer Master Sound Healer ~ 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher
 International Certified Psychic Medium & Animal Communicator Master Reiki/Energy Healer  Master Sound Healer ~ 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher

Find Healing & Peace

Heather Eve Bristol had always been able to sense spiritual energy, but her spiritual mediumship journey began in 2008 with the passing of her mother Pearl Elizabeth Freeman.  Since then, Heather has been able to communicate with loved ones that have passed and pets (both living and passed). Her gifts have the ability to heal through the knowledge that consciousness continues on, and that passing on is simply a transition like that of a caterpillar to a butterfly.


The physical loss of a loved one is the deepest one can grieve; however, they are only a thought away.  Our loved ones never really leave us, as their energy stays with us as we continue our physical journey. Heather has validated this time and time again through her readings.


Our animal friends are as much a part of our families as sisters, brothers and children.  Through animal communication, Heather has worked with top horse trainers (from racehorses to hunter/jumpers) and veterinarians with the intention to deepen the understanding between horse and human.  She has also communicated with many different animals (cats, dogs, donkeys, and even a snake!) in order to create harmony between owner and pet.


In 2012, Heather became a Reiki Master healer, and has contiuned to utilize energy healing though yoga, crystal sound bowls, Qi Gong, accupressure meridians and her own special blend of energy healing.   Energy is everything and everything is energy.  By tapping into this power healing modality, Heather can help improve both the lives of people and pets.  She is currently available for distance energy sessions or distance sound healing sessions. 


Heather offers contiuning education for people wishing to develop their spiritual gifts.  She uses private sessions, either in person at her farm or over the phone, in order to help people acheive their individual spiritual goals!  Each class is personally tailored to the student's goals, and she also offers a certification course for those wanting to deepen thier spiritual connection, and explore their personal gifts.


Heather is always happy to meet new people and animals - everyone is welcome!


                                             As Featured In The Book:

                   New 2021 Breyerfest Model: Queen Of Hearts (Josie)

Congratulations Gabby!  Thank you for letting me communicate with Josie in 2020!  She is such a special mare




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  • Carla Pereira (Thursday, August 19 21 10:00 am EDT)

    I just wanted to thank you Heather for helping my dog Jameson. The chakra cleanse you did yesterday has brought him back to his loving self! He was out of sorts before the cleanse because of a traumatic experience, whining and not settling. After the chakra cleanse he is calm and happy! I love my boy! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  • DM (Wednesday, August 18 21 02:43 pm EDT)

    Thank you Heather for yesterday’s reading on my dog, Bailey. You said things nobody would have any idea of knowing on a very deep level and history.

  • Carmen (Thursday, August 13 20 10:57 am EDT)

    Yes Ive had a couple of readings and teachings from Heather. She is very sincere and mind blowing. Everyone has their own opinion regarding mediums but my spiritual life has changed for the better completely. Since her influence on me my mind is open so I see and feel so much more. My visions and impressions are so awesome. I love Heather as a person, even better as a spiritual healer for both pet and person

  • sue (Friday, March 01 19 11:57 am EST)

    Hi Heather! I had a reading yesterday and I just want to say thank you for giving me closure on my brothers passing. You knew things only I would know. I have recommended you to a few friends who are also interested in a reading.

  • Lex (Friday, May 25 18 09:26 pm EDT)

    Hi, You helped me with a horse some time back. During our session you mentioned 2 dogs that were looking for me and they were bothering you until you told me. It hit me later who they were, my breath just left me when it sunk in. Your amazing! I recently lost my husband and am desperate to know if he made is way. Calling again. Thank you so much

  • Pat Lewis (Monday, February 03 14 08:22 am EST)

    Hi Heather. You had helped me with my daughter's dog, Roxy, after my daughter was killed in an automobile accident. Roxy let herself be found on the day of my daughter's funeral service, which was
    within the 2 days you told me I would have her back. The bird you had spoken of turned out to be a hawk which flew down in front of my windshield just after a white bridge, of which you had spoken.
    I'm forever grateful for your help and would someday possibly like to speak more to you about EVP (I believe). Thank you so much again. Sincerely, Pat

  • Alison (Monday, May 20 13 01:24 pm EDT)

    Heather- Thank you so much for sharing your incredible gift with Drake, Denny and myself. You absolutely nailed where he was. So very thankful we found you. I look forward to future
    readings-(hopefully not looking for a lost Drake again) Thank you very much.

  • Jan (Sunday, May 12 13 07:31 pm EDT)

    This was my first reading with Heather, and I'm so happy I found her website. This has been a difficult week for me since my mom suddenly passed away, and I felt the need to reach out to her with the
    help of a medium. If you're considering a reading, I can tell you that Heather has a wonderful gift! I'm so glad I called her and plan to recommend her to family and friends.

  • Tami (Thursday, March 28 13 10:08 pm EDT)

    Thank you so much for the amazing reading and helping us with understanding our dogs transition that should soon be taking place. You are a truly gifted person. This is the first time I have ever
    spoken to a medium/animal communicator and I am in awe of your skills. We all feel so much better now and I can't wait to come visit you in person. What a blessing you are.

  • Bethany B. (Wednesday, March 06 13 10:19 pm EST)

    Thanks you so much for the amazing reading! I was shocked the specific details that were spot on that no one would ever know. It was really cool when the other spirits came thru too, I took notes and
    plan to set up some monthly sessions with you! I'm humbled by the knowledge, you are a very special person.

  • Celine (Sunday, December 23 12 08:16 pm EST)

    Thank you so much Heather for allowing me to come to your beautiful barn today. You are such a blessing in my life to help with my troubled Jack Russells. They both took to you immediately, which
    they NEVER do with anyone! They knew you are special! :)

  • dd (Monday, December 17 12 10:13 pm EST)

    I have to tell you Heather is truely gifted. First she helped me with my horse who was afraid of the trailer and now she helped me channel my gma in spirit who passed earlier today. There are things
    she new that there is no way possible she could have known. She is a true blessing. She even spoke to my old horse cooler who passed of colic!

  • J.D. (Monday, December 17 12 04:10 pm EST)

    Your amazing gift has truly eased my grief over the passing of my life partner. I cannot thank you enough.

  • J. W (Sunday, December 16 12 09:05 pm EST)

    Heather your gift is amazing and truely a gift. Every time I speak with you I feel closer to my father who has passed. YOu answered questions that I had in my heart and never asked outloud. I will be
    a customer for life

  • Sally J. (Thursday, December 13 12 08:33 pm EST)

    It was a very relaxing experience when I recently asked Heather to do a reading for me- it was extremely communicative between my loved one, myself, & Heather. I would definitely recommend her
    sincere, honest, and truthful presentation.

  • Patsy L (Monday, December 10 12 07:04 pm EST)

    Heather got me by surprised. I met her for something else and her reading was surprising. She is not only an excellent medium, but she is truly a spiritual person and this comes through in her work.
    She not only gives evidence of the continuity of life, but she promotes healing during the message. Her work is remarkable and I hope she continues to serve whenever possible. Also, I came to see a
    medium-ship demonstration. I was extremely impressed and blown away. The accuracy was unbelievable. If there is anyone who has any doubts, I would suggest for them to have a session with you. On
    behalf of myself and my family, I thank you.


  • E. Cloutier (Monday, December 10 12 01:58 pm EST)

    I have talked to Heather a few times now about my animals; all her insight was spot on and very helpful. My mare is the happiest she's been in a long time! I plan on continuing to use her help in the

  • Laurie Ryan (Saturday, December 08 12 10:37 pm EST)

    Had a reading about my horse with Heather today. I did not tell her any of the unique aspects of our new relationship and she hit on all areas right on. I highly recommend this service, especially if
    you have a new horse that you are learning about like I am!

  • Margaret Corry (Tuesday, December 04 12 05:05 pm EST)

    I cannot believe how much you knew about Miss Thing when we talked yesterday. thank you for the time you gave me yesterday with the reading. You were SPOT ON! EVERYTHING you said BEFORE I told you
    that she had cancer was RIGHT! And the extra help with helping me to understand what she is going through (or what she is willing to share) was COMPLETELY right on the mark! Miss Thing has always
    been a very aloof dog. Sometimes she just "doesn't have time" for people. And, as you said, she is a very stoic dog and deals with things her own way - she has ALWAYS been that way! Never even
    meeting her or knowing anything about her, you KNEW all about her. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I am in a better place dealing with her cancer and how to deal with her. I am AMAZED and appreciative! Thank

  • H.C. (Wednesday, November 21 12 01:34 pm EST)

    Heather has a warm and kind way about her. My Grandmother came through to Heather and she acted as a Medium to relay some warm and funny messages! Thank you for your gentleness and loving energy!

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