Lost & Missing Pets

Heather has a remarkable success rate for locating lost & missing pets.  She utilizes her gift of remote viewing along with map dowsing in order to locate the pet's exact location.  Heather also communicates directly with the pet though telepathy in order to determine other clues to make locating the pet easier for the client.  She uses Reiki to create an energetic connection between owner & pet.


The following are included in a Lost Pet Service:


- Determine if the pet is alive or has passed on though Telepathy/Mediumship


- Determine if the pet is ill or injured


- Determine the reason that the pet is missing (sometimes this links to an    emotional issue with your pet, and that must be dealt with in order for the pet to come home.)


- Sending Reiki to connect the owner's energy to their pet's energy which helps with the physical finding process.


- Remote Viewing though meditation to find the exact location of the pet


- Map dowsing to validate the exact location of the pet



Each lost pet case is unique, and the goal is always to reunite the pet with its loving owner.  Unfortunately this is not always possible, and Heather will not accept the case if she believes that she cannot help.  Because of the emergent nature, time and work required,  lost pet services are different from a normal animal communcation reading.


Sometimes, even with the best help, pets cannot be physically recovered by their owner.  The fees incurred in lost pet cases do not come with a guarantee of recovery (Heather currently has a very high success rate of recovery).   Please contact Heather at 407-925-4417 if your pet is missing.


Lost/Missing Pet
100.00 USD
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

Lost or Missing Pets


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