Certified Psychic Medium ~Animal Communicator ~ Energy Healing ~ Spiritual Coach Sound Healer
  Certified Psychic Medium ~Animal Communicator ~ Energy Healing ~ Spiritual Coach Sound Healer

Sacred Sound & Energy Healing

What a wonderful way to experience healing for yourself or your pet!!  Sound and energy have been used for thousands of years as a way to balance the chakras and chi (life force).  Heather is now able to offer Sound healing as well as energy balancing as part of a holistic lifestyle.  She is a certified Level 2 Sacred Alchemy Sound Practitoner, and is working towards the Master Level in sound healing.  She combines her love of sound and healing with her spiritual gifts, and she is able to call in Spirit Guides, loved ones & Angels to lend their energy for the goal of complete and total healing. Here are some of the issue that can be resolved with Sound Healing:



Training Tool for Horses/Dogs

Some forms of Physcial Pain

Age related issues

Many other issues- just contact Heather and ask!


Each session is recorded and is about 5-7 min long.  After the session is finished, Heather will text the session to you rphone and email it as well.  You can listen as many times during the day as you wish, but at least 2-3 times is ideal.  The cost for this service is $30, and it allows for a custom sound healing session without leaving the comfort of your home.   The goal of these sessions is to align the chi and chakras and allow the body to heal itself.  Because energy transcends space and time, phone sessions are avilable for this modality.


Heather is a Reiki Master as well, but practices her own form of energy healing that combines Traditional Reiki with energy medicine taught from her guides.  This blend works though vibrational energies to balance the body both physically & emotionally.   Contact Heather today to discuss or schedule a sound energy healing session today!





Custom Sound Healing Session
30.00 USD
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

Purchase your very own custom sound healing session today! Perfect for pets and people or as a unique gift.

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