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 International Certified Psychic Medium & Animal Communicator Master Reiki/Energy Healer  Master Sound Healer ~ 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher



Hi Heather,


My Grandfather passed very peacefully last Thursday and went to be with Nana. When I was at his funeral, I could have sworn I felt he and Nana both there with me; he was sitting beside me, and Nana was behind me.  I turned around to look and saw a little shimmer.  It must have been them there with me.  It was very comforting, in a strange way.


Since he passed some amazing and pretty unforeseen things have happened; I got my first sponsor on Monday, and another company contacted me last night to discuss a sponsorship.  He and Nana are certainly not taking a break on the other side.  They always did want the absolute best for me, and it's really heartwarming to know they're still taking care of me.


I would have never realized that if I hadn't talked to you.  I'm so grateful I met you. ~ Jan




Hi Heather,


It was so great to talk with you the other day.  I wanted to say thank you so much for what you have done for my horse. On Tuesday I did exactly what was said to have Diane come and look at my horse after he was ridden.  After the vet examining, jogging, and flexing she found that he had the start of a mild suspensory.  Luckily it is not to serious but he will need to have some time off.  If it weren't for your insight with my horse, we probably would not have found this soon enough and it could have caused him to have a tear or lesion in his suspensory.  It was great to talk with you.  I hope that you don't mind that I have given some people your phone number.  I cannot say enough great things about you.


Best Regards,

Danny A. 




Heather came to my barn and offered to share with me what my horses might be thinking.  It was very interesting and she hit the mark reading my horses.  Her approach was very down to earth, not hokey, or vague at all.  Heather picked which of my horses had a sense of humor, and which one didn't appreciate children.  She also shared some experiences from the horse's perspective.  I would recommend her to anyone who wanted to further your insight on your horse/horses perception.  For example, I have a colt who some time ago got tangled up in the leg strap of his sheet.  I asked Heather to ask him to be more careful.  After a moment's silence, she laughed and told me that he thinks the sheet attacked him. It grabbed his leg and wouldn't let him up.  As you might imagine, he was the one with a sense of humor. Thank you Heather, job well done.           Glenna P.




Heather went into the stall with my QH gelding Rebel- she introduced herself to him and started talking-she used a soft tone and put her hand on him- no halter- he stood and listened.  She told me what he was saying to her- it was very interesting- I had told her nothing- she told me things that she herself could not have known. The same thing with the other 3.  Heather has a natural way with horses- very calm, very gentle, she communicates with them softly- they relaxed with her and were at ease.  The entire session was very informative- I would highly recommend Heather as she has a natural ability with the horse that comes thru to them.  She touched on things from them that made me laugh and enlightened me in other ways on their thinking.  Thank you Heather for a rewarding session and I hope to have you back in the future.                    Lynn S.




Heather's visit to our barn has yielded many rewards.  I cannot properly convey the quality of the calmness and peace that has descended on our barn since.  Her quick assessments of each horse matched our long standing impressions and expanded our understanding of individual personalities.  She only required and introduction by name, after which each horse was totally captivated by her presence.  They proceeded to let her know specific concerns or boasts that she in turn relayed to us. There were four people with her at the time, all of whom knew the horses for over a year.  All of her communications were accepted by each of us; no inaccuracy could be acknowledged.             Lynn H.




I have consulted with Heather Bristol for her ability as a Spiritual Medium as well as for Animal Communication.  In both fields she has proven to be accurate and successful.  Regarding my experience if Heather as a Spiritual Medium- she was kind, considerate, accurate and provided much comfort for me and my family.  As an Animal Communicator, Heather was patient, kind, and the animals loved her.  She talked a feisty young pony, who didn't want to be caught and leave the field, to allow us to catch her and be led into the barn.  I will and have used Heather's abilities again.       M.




When I was asked to allow Heather to come and communicate with my horses, I eagerly agreed, mostly because my mare has so many issues.  I've spent 4 years trying to figure her out and I am committed to our partnership.


Little did I expect that the most significant encounter would be about me!  I mentioned to Heather that I have an ongoing problem that I'm addressing with the help of a counselor and wondered if she could shed any light on something that would help my therapy.  Heather stopped and in short time began to tell me that she was getting messages from my mother, who died about 8 years ago. Needless to say, I wasn't expecting that and the things that were communicated to Heather were from my mother, no doubt whatsoever. She told Heather that I look like her, which is very true and something Heather couldn't possibly have known. The other things were also typically Mother and I experienced a comfort that I feel will be such a blessing to me.  Heather and I both think that was the real reason she came to me.


Before we went to the barn, I told Heather that I would love for our little rat terrier to know that he is in his forever home.  Jake was a rescue and his reaction was obvious.  We moved on to my silly mare, Rose.  Rose communicated some things that were encouraging and explained some of her behavior.  It was interesting that horse perceive things as individually as humans do.


Heather is a caring, sensitive young woman who has such compassion for animals and humans.  Her gift was such a blessing to me and when I know that my beloved animals understand what I feel for them, it is so comforting.  I highly recommend Heather to anyone who cares for their pets.  What she did for me on a personal level was priceless.                Bert W.




My horse, Quigely, has a bit of a temper and has the tendency to be a drama queen.  Before talking with Heather, I had no idea what the reasons behind these things were.  It's easy to make excuses for such behavior, but actually knowing what causes it is one of the greatest gifts I could have been given.  Heather communicated with Quigely and told me that in the past he has been pushed to his limits one to many times.  Also, when he didn't do something right, he was taught that even little mistakes were huge.  By learning all of this, I have learned to laugh at my horse when he makes the small mistakes instead of getting mad, which makes Quigely much more comfortable and stops him from blowing up.


Having Heather communicate with my horse not only helped my riding but also strengthened the relationship with my horse.  I though it was really cool that when Heather talked to Quigely she would put her hands on his neck, and he would immediately stop doing whatever he was doing and put his ears half way back like he was really listening to her.  Overall, my experience with Heather was amazing and I would recommend her to anyone, she's really great!         Nicole S.


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